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Fight The Fat Club - Starting APRIL
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Tonights club

Great session tonight with Fight The Fat Club with new member emma walsh. A massive well done to Michelle Paddock for losing 4lbs in a week and well done to Kirsty Lloyd 1/2lb off. Great training session girls Tracy Pryce, Joanne Paddock and the rest of the gang!Up to 9 members now but still space if anyone is interested in joining up

Wednesday night Fight The Fat Club back up and running

fight the fat club weds niteFight the Fat club group on a wednesday 6-7pm. Ready to achieve their goals! More spaces on this 6 week course if anyone is interested.

New years Resolution - New You! Fight The Fat Club 2013

The revolutionary diet and exercise programme which works and is enjoyable and affordable!
Running on a Thursday 7 - 8pm starting January 10th for 12 weeks!
A 6 week starter course running on a wednesday
 6 - 7pm is also available please enquire.
Fight The Fat Club
 To become more educated on how to eat healthier
To become more educated on what exercises and training to do in the gym
 To become more motivated throughout the 12 weeks to train more frequently
To help you reach goals (Fitness, Nutritional and other) set at start of 12 weeks.

Week 4 for the thursday group

Only one club this week due to me being on a spin course for wednesdays session. THursdays group tonight did absoultely fab!! Well done to the girls on fight the fat club - Sarah losing 1lb over a week, Pauliner losing 1/2 a pound, Jan and Michelle maintaining, susan mols losing 2lbs , linda johnson losing 1lb and welcome to new member Kirsty . You all did fab tonight and worked so hard. Keep up the good work and dont forget your homework for next week!!!
fight the fat club 3 - weight loss

Well done - everyone lost weight!

Fight the Fat Club took place tonight and some great results have been achieved! Of the 4 that braved the harsh weather to get to the gym one member lost 4lbs and the other 3 members lost 2lbs each! All in just 1 week!! Well done girlies keep up the hard work!!
fight the fat club 2Heres some pictures of the group in action
fight the fat club 1

Fight The Fat Club up and running

The new Fight the fat clubs are now up and running! After just 2 weeks we have 6 members on the wednesday 6-7pm club and we have 8 members on the thursday 7-8pm club with more members execting to join in the new year! So far a member has lost 4lbs on a week - so ember of the week is pauline o connor! well done pauline!
We are still looking to get new members so if you are interested in joining please get in contact! More clubs will be getting set up in other venues and at other days and times in the new year too :)

Fight The Fat Club

Fight the Fat Cub restarting on wednesdays 6 - 7pm and thursdays 7 - pm in November A great way to lose weight, have fun and meet new people. Here is more info about the club:

What is Fight The Fat Club?
Fight The Fat Club is a 12 week weight loss and fitness course focused on healthy eating and group exercise. It consists of one hour of training with Steph - a qualified personal trainer - and a weekly weigh in.
Added extras can be put onto your 12 week journey including
* Weekly gym / home programmes

February Fitness Fundraiser

During February I ran various 30 minute Fitness Classes for Charity including Spin, arm attack and leg load. The money would go to Age Concern and the Joshua Foundation. Everyone fully enjoyed the classes, many seeing significant body changes including one participant who did many of the classes and lost 5lb!
Thank you to everyone who participated and donated helping to raise a whopping £323.85!
Fitnesss Fundraiser training session by Steph Owens Personal Trainer
Fitnesss Fundraiser training session by Steph Owens Personal Trainer

Fight The Fat Club

Steph Owens will soon be setting up a Fight The Fat Club! One meeting a week for an hour complete with exercise, diet advice, diet plans and exercise plans! Watch this space for more info.

Steph Owens - Personal Trainer gets new training gym

I am pleased to announce that I will now be offering Personal Training at The Gateway To Wales Days Inn Hotel Chester. The training packages will be inclusive of swimming, sauna and steam room and you can even relax after your session in the jacuzzi! Training Packages will still be affordable and tailored to help you reach your goals! For more information please contact me.
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